Omega Travel Team
Results and Achievements

2023-2024 Season

TOC Digital Speech and Debate Series 3

PF Rising Star Semifinalist (1 Team)
Ranking 3rd out of 83 teams


Harvard National Speech and Debate Tournament

MS PF Triples (3 Team)
MS preliminary ranking 31st, 51st, 54th out of 202 teams 
PF Novice Doubles (1 Team), Triples (1 Team)
HS Novice preliminary ranking 8th, 45th out of 244 teams
PF Junior Varsity Triples (3 Teams)
HS Novice preliminary ranking 4th, 47th, 52th out of 230 teams

TOC Digital Speech and Debate Series 1

PF Novice  Doubles (2 Teams)
HS Novice preliminary ranking 9th out of 87 teams

Harvard Debate Council International Tournament Fall

PF JV Octofinals
HS PF Varsity Semis and Quarters 
Best Individual Speaker Awards 6th, 8th, 11th

Georgetown University Invitational

MS Octofinals (2 teams)
HS Novice Champion (out of 70 teams)
HS Varsity Best Speaker and Second Speaker Award 
(out of 167 debaters)
HS Varsity elimination Round 


2022-2023 Season

North American Debate circuit Aquamarine Cup

Varsity Semis, 4th Place

Varsity Quarters, 5th Place

Lakeland Westchester Classic

Octofinals, Top 16 (2 teams)

Double-Octofinals, Top 32 (4 teams)

Best Individual Speaker Awards: 7th, 13th, 14th, 16th, 19th

Harvard National Speech and Debate Tournamentl

Semifinals, 4th Place

Octofinals, 13th Place

Double-Octofinals, Top 20 Finish

Triple-Octofinals (2 teams)

Best Individual Speaker Awards (out of 500+ total competitors): 22nd, 34th, 35th, 43rd

North American Debate circuit Opal Cup

Champions, 1st Place

8th Best Individual Speaker

Georgetown University Invitational

Double-Octofinals, Top 20 Finish 

13th Best Individual Speaker

Triple-Octofinals (3 teams)

2021-2022 Season

La Reina Invitational

Semifinals, 3rd Place

Semifinals, 4th Place

Quarterfinals, 8th Place

Berkner TFA Tournament

Quarterfinals, 9th Place

8th Best Individual Speaker

ed Long Invitational at the hockaday school

Finals, 2nd Place

7th Best Individual Speaker

15th Best Individual Speaker

Georgetown university invitational

Octofinals, 13th Place

15th Best Individual Speaker

16th Best Individual Speaker