Welcome to Omega Speech and Debate!

A Unique, Individualized Approach To Mastering Public Speaking And Debate

Omega Speech And Debate Is a Public Speaking And Debate Academy For Students In Grades 5-12. Omega’s program Is Geared Towards Teaching Students With Any Level of speech and debate experience!

Omega’s high-quality, accessible services and tailored curriculum equip the next generation of debaters and leaders with fundamental life skills encapsulating research, communication, critical thinking, Writing, Argumentation, and Public speaking!

What Does Omega Mean?

Linguistically, “Omega” is the last letter of the Greek alphabet. However, in English, “Omega” is used as a symbol of the last, best, or final nature of something. We call ourselves Omega Speech and Debate because we exist to help each and every single one of our students become the best public speakers and debaters they can possibly be. To help them maximize their potential in debate. In other words, we want debaters To reach their “Omega State”.

However, many debaters never reach their maximum potential during their high school careers. For the few who do, they only reach it near the very end of their debate careers – as high school seniors. We believe that this is because most debaters don’t know the specific weaknesses that They have to fix, and don’t know how to improve their skills after attending a debate camp or class. However, our institute aims to change this issue. At Omega, the skills of every student will Be evaluated not once, not twice, but every day to guarantee that they receive constant feedback on what they need to improve on. Furthermore, each student’s debate journey doesn’t end when their time at one of our classes or camps ends. We won’t only teach them skills, but also teach them how to improve at debate on their own and without instructors so that they can always keep getting better!

That’s ultimately the philosophy of our academy  – training debaters to reach their maximum potentials as early on in their high school careers as possible. By doing this, we help our students maximize their competitive success, and therefore, optimize their debate experience.

Our Mission

The core mission of Omega Speech and Debate is to give students an opportunity to engage in the extremely fun, educational, and practical extracurricular activity of Public Forum Debate. Our primary goal is to help as many students as possible improve at the essential skills of good communication. Hence, we have priced our tuition at the most affordable price point out of every debate program in the nation. This was done to minimize the financial barrier to accessing our high-quality coaching resources. The tuition that we charge is used to cover our institutional running costs. 100% of any profit that we earn will be used to support local high school speech and debate teams. We hope that with these extra funds, local teams will be able to afford greater coaching resources and tournament opportunities. Therefore, the main purpose of Omega is not to earn profits but rather to bring the full benefits of debate within reach of students in various local communities, as well as support public debate programs. Our staff simply wants to give back to the debate community that has been so good to us by training and funding the next generation of nationally esteemed debaters. 

Why Choose Omega?

Individually-Tailored Learning

With a maximum debate team-to-teacher ratio of 4:1, Omega boasts the industry’s most individualized learning experience. Our class ensures that each student will receive equal and substantial amounts of attention from all our instructors. Thus, it is a guarantee that every participant undergoes personalized training, and learns in a way that caters to their needs; not anyone else’s.

Unique Philosophy

Other classes that teach public speaking and debate do exist. But what separates Omega from all of them is our philosophy of not only teaching students speech and debate skills, but also helping them translate their skills into competitive success, early on in their high school debate careers. Omega will give each student a personalized plan of the steps they need to take to succeed in debate as an underclassman in high school. Our class will teach the challenges of competing in high school debate and how students can adapt and overcome them, so that they can experience success as early as possible.

Affordable, Engaging Experience

Our class is the most affordable speech and debate institute in the country. This is because personal finances should not be a big barrier to accessing our high-quality coaching resources. Since Omega will fully take place online, we understand that sitting in front of a screen for many hours can seem boring. However, our class is not only built to be an educational experience but a fun one as well. Our curriculum is designed to be highly engaging, interactive, and enjoyable, so boredom or mental exhaustion will not be an issue.

Top-Level Instructors

Omega Speech and Debate offers only top-caliber instructors. Our staff is comprised of experienced, championship-level debaters who are not only capable of achieving immense competitive success, but know how to turn their high-level skills into high-level coaching. Every student at our class will receive quality instruction that teaches them extremely valuable and applicable speech and debate skills.

What We Teach!

Public Speaking

At Omega, shyness will disappear! Every student will learn the essential skills of good public speaking, so that they know how to effectively communicate their thoughts and ideas to all types of people. An important emphasis will be made on persuasive, or engaging speaking, which is crucial to not only students’ success in debate, but in school and their career paths. Public speaking is a vital 21st century skill, and students can master it here at our class.

Public Forum Debate

Omega focuses on the most popular and practical national debate format today: Public Forum. Students will learn the fundamentals of this type of debate and be trained to competitively succeed in this format. Our staff will challenge students in Public Forum skills to ensure the rapid improvement of their debate abilities. At Omega, even the students with no experience in Public Forum will be transformed into debaters who are ready to compete and succeed at national tournaments.

Research Skills

Research is a key component of debate, many classes in school, and various career paths. Every student in the U.S. will eventually have to complete research-based assignments. Because it is so essential to many academic fields, our class will train students into top-tier researchers. We will teach them the tricks and skills of effective researching, as well as how to apply them to not only debate, but any task where they need to find and use facts.

Navigating High School Debate

Our class will specifically prepare students for the competitive atmosphere of high school debate. Every class, our instructors will share personal experiences from their debate careers to all students, and use that experience to teach a lesson about what high school competitions are like. Through doing this, our class will inform students on the logistics of participating in high school debate, as well as the challenges of competing on the circuit. Most importantly, we’ll teach them how to prepare for overcoming those challenges to find success in their debate careers!

Critical Thinking

At Omega, students won’t only engage in new perspectives of thinking, but also learn how to think quickly on their feet. Critical thinking is an extremely practical skill in all aspects of academics, careers, and life. Thus, our instructors will develop this ability in students by training them to refute and defend arguments off the top of their head. Public Forum debate rounds require high-level critical thinking from its participants; we will use this aspect of the activity to help students become efficient and effective thinkers.

Argumentative Writing

Debate is an activity that requires intensive writing. Our class won’t brush writing aside and only consider it as a part of debate; we’ll make sure that our students learn valuable writing skills along the way. Our instructors are great writers as much as they are great debaters, and will help students put their ideas into words more effectively. We will especially focus on training students in the ability of argumentative writing, by teaching them the skills needed to write persuasive arguments.


Hear What our Students And Their Parents Have To Say About Their Omega Speech And Debate Experience!

"Overall, The Camp Was Extremely Interactive And Educational. The Instructors Were Really Good As They Were Pretty Chill And Helpful. The Presentations Were Really Well Written And Well Explained By The Instructors, And They Were Additionally Helpful In Answering Questions We Had. Some Of The Interactive Activities They Had Included Debating With Pure Logic, And Debating About Abstract Concepts Like Zombie Apocalypses And Alien Invasions. I Think These Really Helped Me Refine My Skills In Front Lining Arguments, And Finding Interesting Ways To Try To Debate Against Opponents. Omega Speech And Debate Definitely Helped Me Get Better In A Lot Of Areas, Such As Comparative Weighing, Front Lining Arguments, And Debating With Logic."
Alan Hu
Lab instructors: Ishan Saxena and Brandon Lu
"Each Instructor Gave In-Depth Explanation To Debate & Argumentative Concepts And Were Able To Make The Experience Enjoyable While Giving Me Personalized Criticism On What Areas I Was Weak With. I Found Myself Improving Quickly Once They Established A Baseline On What I Needed To Focus On."
Anya Soroka
Lab instructors: Brandon Lu and Ishan Saxena
"It’s A Great Place For Beginners To Grasp The Basics Of Debate. The Instructors Give Tips And Tricks Throughout The Week On How To Write A Strong Persuasive Argument And Teach The Kids How To Further Improve Even After Camp Ends! They Can Be Reached After Camp Ends And Will Answer All Your Questions With Patience."
Parent of Katie Huang
Lab Instructor: Matthew Zhang
"Omega Speech And Debate Is A Very Educational Camp That Takes You Through The Basics Of Debate And Beyond. From The Interactions Through Zoom Meetings And The Fun From Tournaments, I Deeply Enjoyed This Week Of Camp. It Encouraged Me To Take Future Debate Classes/Camps In The Future."
Randy Gu
Lab Instructors: Aarush Raj, Chris Sylvester, and Samuel Hall
“I really liked my instructors, they taught me everything that I know as of right now in debate. I'm extremely thankful for the opportunity to work for them. Ishan and Vishnu were super nice. They're the reason why I love attending the class. During practice time, they gave good feedback that helped me to improve my skills in debate!”
Angela Xu
Lab instructors: Ishan Saxena and Vishnu Dandi
"I greatly enjoyed my time here in Omega Speech and Debate. This was my second time in the program and I learned even more new things which helped me to enhance my debating skills for the future. I will definitely be participating in debate club in school. I would like to thank all the instructors for giving us an opportunity to learn debate at such an early age, helping us get a head start in this debate journey!"
Michelle lee
Lab Instructors: Matthew Zhang and Aarush Raj
“I've attended this program last summer, I feel like I've improved a lot since then. Since this is a more advanced class, I was able to learn more and combine my skills from last time with this debate class. I wanted to join this class mainly for my talking skills and I'm glad I did. I met some really great people along the way. I plan on attending the class this summer as well. Needless to say, this was a great class!”
Simon Ferreira
Lab Instructors: Ishan Saxena and Vishnu Dandi
“This program was extremely engaging and fun! I learned a lot and I was able to debate very comfortably.” 
Claire zhang
Lab instructors: Matthew Zhang and Aarush Raj
"Class was filled with lots of communication. I had fun because everyone was sociable and talked with each other!"
emily cui
Lab Instructors: Ishan Saxena and Vishnu Dandi
"Class was super enjoyable, and my instructors were very funny and engaging. I loved how they were always telling jokes!"
Aarav srivastiva
Lab Instructors: Matthew Zhang and Aarush Raj